Alexander Tinei
Why Don't You Say Hello Ever Again?

The Erika Deák Gallery is delighted to announce its next exhibition, the latest works of the renowned Moldavian artist, Alexander Tinei.

Tinei’s new series shows technical diverseness, besides his emblematic oil paintings, now he makes collages, colorful paper works, and as well an installation.  His figures still get the typical Tinei tattoos on their bodies, but they are no longer the sole focuses of the works, here, their immediate environment and the objects surrounding them also receive attention.  The basic is still an already existing image, photo from magazines or from the social networks of the internet, from which Tinei creates his own stories.  He cuts his heroes from their original world and places them into a grey, bared down, almost dreamy universe. Tinei’s vision like image-shreds often have intentional “mistakes” on their surfaces. The title of the exhibition - which is a grammatically incorrect question - refers to this gesture, errors on the canvases may first cause some confusion for the viewer, just as the title sentence for the listener.  However, this sort of solecism is just as much in place in Tinei’s Universe as the presence of faceless people on his canvases, or the questions of identity and assimilation for those who choose or pressed to live in foreign countries. Tinei happens to live in Budapest for almost a decade and very well understands this never ending quest.

Tinei participated in many important Hungarian and foreign exhibitions, like in MODEM, Debrecen, in Prague’s Rudolfinum, in the Paris based Hussenot Galerie, in eigen+art, Leipzig or in Knoxville Museum, Texas. His works can be found in the most important Hungarian and international collections.

06. 07. 2013 - 08. 03. 2013
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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00