Zsófi Barabás
Unfolded Motion

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The Erika Deak Gallery celebrates the resumption of life and the eternity of art with a new exhibition, we are delighted to present a new series of works by Zsófi Barabás. The exhibition would have opened in the end of March, and so the exhibited works do not reflect to the pandemic or to the current world situation, they were finished during the past two years.
Although the opening will be held behind closed doors, all of our friends and enquirers are welcome to follow our live opening speech and virtual tour broadcasted on Facebook. The documentation of the entire exhibition will be available on the gallery’s website and social media platforms, and can be visited during limited opening hours in compliance with all necessary safety regulations.

Zsófi Barabás (b. 1980, Budapest) is one of the most referenced Hungarian contemporary painters. Her visual expression has formed in a very early stage, and during her career she has been renewing and developing her personal style. The very typical characteristics of the organic forms appearing on her paintings are refracted by geometric elements, her self-referential works are recognizable by their simplicity, the recurring repertory of colors and shapes, their unique and elaborated surfaces, the monochrome palette and the drawing quality of the fine lines. Barabás’ paintings are unquestionably contemporary even though she uses the traditional formal language of the abstract painting. Her oil and acrylic paintings are as subjective and intuitive, as they are methodic and systematic. They eternalize the moment of a temporary state just like a fluid form that rises above and takes shape in a lava lamp, to continuously transform into a new form that never existed before. The transforming moments of motion appear on her images and seem to be constantly pulsating. Her biomorph shapes remind us to colored glass tiles, while the nonfigurative patches that transparently cover eachother are braced by geometric elements from all sides, expanding the edges of the paintings into infinity.

Beside her paintings, Zsófi Barabás’ latest sculptural experiment will presented for the first time in Erika Deák Gallery. She was invited to the Steel Symposium in Kecskemét last summer. During her stay there, Barabás had the opportunity to experiment, and she succesfully transformed her two dimensional visuality into sculptures. She was able to create a dialogue between her paintings and spatial works, and we are now witnessing how this new perspective has formed, and will keep forming her artistc practices.

If you have further questions, please contact the gallery via telephone or e-mail.

Online opening: May 28, 2020, 6 PM

Opening speech by: Imre Bak, artist

On view: May 29 - September 19, 2020

+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00