Tom Fabritius

Tom Fabritius was born in 1972, in Radeberg, Germany. He studied at the Leipzig Art Academy, and has been living there since. This is his first exhibition in Hungary.

Fabritius’ primary inspiration source is the television. He would sit in front of the muted box for hours until he finds an exciting image. Then, he stops time, cuts out the chosen image, which he then transform into a real, a tangible picture, into a painting.

Fabritius primarily interested in the relevance of painting, in time, and in the collective and personal memory, but as well in daily events and routines.  He paints modern day still lives and genre paintings, where the composition itself is the key to the complexity of the represented situation. He characteristically uses soft, almost transparent colours. As he uses special aquarelle paint which dries very fast, Fabritius is pressured to work fast, and allows some accidents to remain in his works - drip like spots give depth to the otherwise flat and almost translucent surfaces.

The paintings in the Erika Deak Gallery are all from 2010. We see scenes immediately decodable by anyone; a couple watering plant in a beautiful garden, little girl staring at a plant, or a woman reading in her room. What is strange about them is that figures don’t get special treatment on these paintings, they are just as part of the scene as all the other objects. Everything is evenly lighted, everything is equally important, the chosen event is nothing but one moment in our common reality.

Fabritus had many solo and group exhibitions in Europe, and his works can be found in major collections.


 10. 22. 2010 - 11. 27. 2010
+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00