Zsuzsa Moizer
The Path of Remembrance / Impossible to keep the heat

Zsuzsa Moizer has been known of her aquarelles and oil paintings.  However, in her recent exhibition she will introduce a more complex approach to the subject she’s been studying since 2007, she will build a large installation in which resin and plaster objects of different sizes are placed within the curtain of aquarelles, and reveal different stages of memory.

The center of the exhibition is a life-size sculpture, a strange, amorf form which is almost human, yet the „content”, the actual body is missing from it.   The starting point, as in the past, is her personal memory, but here Moizer steps away from her individual history in order to show her immediate environment.  Fragments of memories held by peculiar objects appear in the exhibition.   She built a mountain of rubbish and threw there her own faces, and tosros, there are no more supports, no more forgiving smiles given only by the families.  It’s all but absence, the lack of comfort that tends to leads to rupture or even total disintegration.  Then, as it here, comes recovery and rearrangement.

01. 13. 2012 - 02. 18. 2012

+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00