Zsuzsa Moizer
The Legend of the Growing Green

Zsuzsa Moizer is an outstanding figure of the young Hungarian painters generation, with her unmistakable and unique style. Her latest painting series presented in the Erika Deák Gallery, shows a brand new side of the painter. Her earlier, soft watercolors are replaced by mellow and lush oil paintings and installations, and her previously dominant pastels are now reborn in an intense and livelier painting technique. Her formerly indispensable figures and zoomorphic creatures are still there, however it is no longer her focus. The new paintings evoke imagery between reality and dreams. Moizer alters the realistic forms of nature towards lyrical compositions, which refers to a subjective landscape instead of a real world.

The expressive oil on canvas paintings, which represent distinct exotic landscapes, forests, trees and flowers, were inspired by Moizer’s Hawaiian trip. There, she encountered many legends and tales of the archipelago. One story had a particular impression on Moizer, that is myth of the Ohi a Lehua tree. It is a story of lovers, Ohia and Lehua, whose love was destroyed by Pele, the Goddess of Volcanos. As Pele’s adoration to Ohia remained unanswered, she turned the man into a gnarly, twisted tree. Desperate Lehua turned to other Gods, and they decided that the lovers can be forever united only if Lehua is transformed into the blossom of the Ohia tree. The myths of lovers transforming into plants to be together is not unique, there are many similar stories in the Hawaiian and other mythologies. Moizer has always been interested in cultural connections, even though now she is focusing on one particular narrative, it can easily be linked with other, contemporary stories.

The Legend of the growing green shows that painting for Moizer is an emotional and intellectual activity whose roots are in the duality of intuitivism and consciousness. Her paintings prove not only her deep knowledge of the materials she uses, but her understanding of the never-ending change and transformation of life, of everything around us.


Zsuzsa Moizer was born in 1979 in Budapest. She lives and works in Budapest and Pusztaszabolcs. She finished her studies at the University of Fine Arts in 2004. She is exhibiting usually in Hungary and in abroad. She exhibited in Erika Deák Gallery, in Ludwig Museum, Ernst Museum, in the Budapest Gallery, in Deák Collection, and in the Szent István Király Museum in Székesfehérvár, in The Contemporary Institute of Art in Dunaújváros among many others. She is well represented in all the important Hungarian private collections.

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