Imre Bak
Tension and Harmony

The internationally known and recognized, Munkácsy and Kossuth Prize winner Imre Bak (born in 1939) is one of the most important contemporary Hungarian painters. His works can be found in the most important Hungarian and international Museums and private collections. Bak’s painting can be traced to constuctivist, hard-edge and color-field traditions.

In his present exhibition at the Erika Deák Gallery, we are showing works from the last two years, from two series. The central piece of the exhibition, entitled Lightstories V., is a large, four panel painting. It is compiled by exciting networks of geometric structures, and can be viewed as a summary of his dynamic painting series. With its spatial depth, striking gestures and vivid colors, this work doesn’t only seals a period, but foreshadows his new artistic direction.

On his latest series’ Bak moves away from his previously dominating landscape-like perception, to a braver and more vibrant structural composition. While on earlier works he emphasized the depth of space, on these new canvases he is creating networks of horizontal and vertical elements, enriched by references of modernist tradition. Solidity and permanence dominates the new paintings, and by doing that, his spaces become rather rational and calm. Bak seems to be turning to orthodox geometry again, but remains faithful to his essential principles, that is, beyond the pure abstraction, one can always recognize several connotation-layers on his paintings.

11. 04. 2015 – 12. 05. 2015
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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00