Márton Nemes
Temporarily Closed

Márton Nemes primarily investigates the effects of the continuously changing economical and ideological trends on contemporary architecture and city landscape. His works focus on the man-made environment, the once living, but now abandoned visual reality of shops and stores. In Temporarily Closed, he focuses on closed storefronts and emptied out interiors, and by doing so, he constructs authentic, immediately recognizable urban stories. Although the once existing structures of these architectural designs are somewhat still decipherable, Nemes’ spaces are nothings but reminders of man’s power to destroy anything  and everyting.  Decease is everywhere, and we are witnessing life bared of men.
Nemes’ new series not only reflects to the present situation of our world, but alludes to his earlier works,  Graffiti-like marks and signs dominated his former surfaces, however, now the atmosphere and the hidden codes of street-art is recalled by the several paint layers  and the use of different materials. Spontaneously drawn contours of architectural shapes, and layers of dripping paint rules the surfaces, which adds a peculiar depth to the works.  He often looks at himself as modern day urban archeologist, and as his determined search of recording the alterations in his immediate and larger environment is beautifully transformed into paintings; into paintings, which can be seen as  unique chronicles of a once blooming economic and cultural life.

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