József Bullás
Syncretic Colortreatment

The Erika Deak Gallery is delighted to announce it’s next exhibition, new works by József Bullás.

On Bullás’ recent paintings, combinations of colors and shapes are born in endless variations. The startinig point is always a peculiar optical impression, which then expands into shapes and variations of larger structures.

Now, we exhibit two work series. One is rather geometric, on these canvases one can identify elements entirely separated from one another.  Bullás here builds clearly defined space-variations from endlessly repeated and changed forms and shapes, his structures end up in unique construsctions. These form-variations expand the space in a way that its almost breaks out from the canvases, from the edges of the painting. The other group of work is more organic, focusing primarily on colors. Combinations of wild and matching pigments, unrepeatable, single color-harmonies, images of beautiful color-flows appear on these canvases.

Even thought two series, the exhibited works were born simultaneously, referring to the fact that Bullás writes several stories at the same time, numerous interconnected narratives. Bullás searches and experiments at the same time - sometimes a blurry shape, sometimes a clearly drawn form or sometimes their absence makes his painting a stunning entity. He searches paintings’ grassroots, their impact to him and as well to the viewer. His art is painting at its purest, and by showing us the tiniest particles of his world, he is able to reveal us his whole universe.

02. 13. 2014 - 03. 29. 2014

+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00