Alexander Tinei,
Duliskovich Basil

The focus of both Alexander Tinei’s and Bazil Duliskovich’s art is the human body. They are both figurative painters, who use already existing images, photos and newspaper cutouts as primary inspiration sources. Bazil moved from Ukraine while Tinei moved from Moldavia to Hungary. They are friends. They already exhibited together in 2007 and has been thinking of the next joint project ever since.

During this exhibit the gallery will look more like an artist studio. Beside the the ready artworks there will be sketches, drawings, photos. The works of the two wont be clearly separated, next to a Tinei painting there might be a Bazil picture. Drawing is an important form of expression for both, while Tinei makes gigantic paperworks to which he paints, glues cut-outs and sometimes strange shiny materials, Bazil makes small pencil pieces and aquarells. They both think in series but while Tinei tends to concentrate on the bodies, Bazil examines the relations of his bodies and their environments. The embematic blue bodydrawings, re-painted, damaged faces of Tinei offer a good balance to Bazil’s paintings that quote classic masters – they both show us the timelessness of inspiration, the easiness of creation, this exhibition celebrates the joy of creation.

Tinei had great success with the Erika Deak Gallery on Art Cologne 2011 and with the Ana Cristea Gallery in the 2011 Leipzig Art Fair, he will exhibit in the next Prague Biennal and will have a solo exhibit in the Frissiras Gallery, Athen during the fall of 2011. 

05. 13. 2011 - 06. 11. 2011
+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00