Menno Aden (Berlin), Marcin Cienski (Krakkó), Magyarósi Éva (Budapest)

The Erika Deak Gallery invited three artists from three different countries, as the focus of all of their works is the fight.

Menno Aden is from Germany. His latest photographs were made in his immediate environment, where artificially colored lights shine through the windows of residential buildings and details of blinding strip-lights shine across industrial settings.  The only missing piece on his photographs is the man, the person who created and who actually lives in Aden's world.   Menno Aden shows us  a strange world that is familiar and unknown at the same time, through which he systematizes and questions our viewing habits.  He attempts to generalize private and public spaces, where the viewers see his created worlds in a simple, modellized setting.  Aden graduated from the Bremen Art Academy in 2000. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe.  This is his second show at the Erika Deak Gallery.  In 2009 he received a prize of Europe Architectural Photography.

A Polish artist, Marcin Cienski paints pictures aesthetically rooted in Baroque, in which he illuminates only details he finds most important.  He shows us beautiful saints,  bizarre interiors, building details, and  people who live there.  He examines and elevates his objects, the woman keeping her hands in front of her eyes might be blinded by the light reaching her, just as the symbols of faith he lit with a strange glow reaching from above.  He is influenced by the paintings of old masters, and with his apparent classic sensibility he creates enigmatic atmosphere in his works.  Cienski paints his figures with brutal honesty, where each detail holds a special importance.  Cienski finished the Krakow Fine Arts Academy in 2001, exhibited from London to Berlin, his works can be found in some of the most
important private collections.

Éva Magyarósi, Hungarian media artist experimented with a new technique here, she transformed old photographs to glass sheets, on which she basically redrew someone's personal history and lit it with a new, perhaps more universal, light.  In her earlier works she most often told us about the mysteries of female soul, of emotions, she led us into the world of her peculiar dreams.  Her new series steps away from her personal stories and reinterprets others', she redraws memories held by others and by the transparent nature of glass, she lets us view more than one side of these narratives.  Magyarósi graduated from the Hungarian Art Academy in 2005.  She made her award winning film 'Hanne' the same year.  In 2010 she won the first prize in the Experimental Film Category in the Hungarian Film Festival.

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