Gábor Pintér
Sky-High Doorstep

The Erika Deák Gallery is delighted to announce, our fall season opens with the most recent paintings of Gábor Pintér, a hidden talent of the Hungarian contemporary art scene.

Pintér’s mysterious paintings have a narrative that lies somewhere between reality and imagination, portraits, landscapes, still-lifes and abstract elements are all in conversation at the same time. Reminesces of pop-culture, free-drawing, cartoons and realistic styles are mixed here within a beautiful XXI. century visual cavalcade. While looking at his paintings, we are looking at a hypertextual visual story, a kind of personal monitor with loads of pop-up windows. The connection between the different styles doesn’t seem forced, but appear effortlessly random. This passage between styles, stories and sceneries is actually the main theme of Pintér.

The essence of these paintings is really their reference domain and the composition, the story, according to Pintér, is secondary. His paintings are the manifestations of a certain collage thinking, a re-thought dadaist practice, as he attepmts to model the very abstract nature of the process of thinking. As Pintér says: „the structure of the paintings were inspired by the constant movement of the swirling thoughts. The image itself is the modell of the anxious moment of understanding.” It is like browsing on the net or the structure of Prezi – where as many visitors, as many interpretaion will emerge.

Gábor Pintér was born in 1983 in Budapest. He graduated in the class of Zsigmond Károlyi at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in 2008. He exhibited in the Hungarian National Gallery among other institutions. His works can be found in many Hungarian and international private collections.


On View: 2017. 09. 07 - 10. 14.

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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00