Gábor Pintér
Seven Seasons

Seven Seasons is the third solo exhibition of Gábor Pintér in the Erika Deák Gallery. Pintér is one of the most known Hungarian painters of his generation following the international trend, the so called bad painting. He ascribes a critical potential to painting through turning against the canon, the dogmatic rules and ideals of it. His expressive and colorful canvases depict visionary and hypothetical scenarios, which are unique combinations of realism and surrealist abstraction.

He motivates the viewer to read his surrealist picture-puzzles as unique phenomenon of the thinking process, when involuntary images come to our mind without any kind of context or larger narrative, when one picture leads to another with no obvious connections.

Pintér, beside his painterly work, now created some objects as well. He transfers the petrol-tin into fine porcelain sculptures, on which similar to his canvases, art historical references appear. Questions of canon, decency and good taste are raised here, but first and foremost it reminds us that art is beautiful, art is something that one can just keep looking at for a long-long time.

02. 27. 2015 - 04. 04. 2015

+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00