Vitaly Pushnitsky
Point of View

The Erika Deak Gallery is proud to announce its next exhibition by St Petersburg based artist, Vitaly Pushnitsky (1967).  Pushnitsky, who had his retrospective exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, during the spring of 2012, is one of the most interesting contemporary russian artist.  
Pushnitsky often crosses mediums, he makes paintings, sculptures, drawings and installations. The central question of his work is the relationship of space and time, the origins and present state of art.  His oeuvre can be looked as an unusual time-travel, which can be most clearly seen by looking at his painterly work – as his black and white canvases suggest both classical and contemporary moods at the same time.  
On his present exhibition, Pushnitsky will show paintings, drawings and an installation.  On the tondo format paintings mechanic objects and sacred spaces appear, while on the tiny scaled drawings and collages we see contemporary rewrites of renaissance frescos and sculptures. Remarkably haunting images are juxtaposed next to each other, the tension of his chosen themes become obvious  as past and present meets on the gallery walls.

09. 28. 2012 - 11. 17. 2012
+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00