József Csató
Patches and Drips

József Csató has participated in several group exhibitions in the Erika Deák Gallery, but this is his first solo presentation in the gallery. Patches and Drips is focusing on works he made most recently.  In  this series, Csató developed a new painting practice, where he uses a particular collage technique – using his old, cut up canvases- and as well a stain- and patch like painting method.  Beside his newest works, we include some of his previous benchmark paintings, in order to underline the transition process which departed from a more figurative representation into a more delicate abstraction. Csató now seemingly disconnects from figuration, but fragments of representation still bulge from the deconstructed layers. The collage-paintings are also nonconventional in a sense, that they are constructed from pieces of previously existing works. Csató finds great joy in the recycling of his earlier works. He uses the characteristics of the earlier works, like color and signature painting technique, in order to combine something essentially and sensually new. The lively and vibrant colours are changed to deep toned and soft pastels on his rugged surfaces. The old canvases integrate in an aerial way into the heavy layers of oil paint and they create exciting “discrepancies” and accidental, amorphous phenomena.
The philosophical notion of deconstruction is an important allegory for Csató's new paintings and as well painting method. According to deconstruction, we need to dissolve reality and its perception into layers and we need to reconsider it. Just like  Csató's whole oeuvre that balances between different poles, like originally abstract but seemingly figural elements, vibrant and faded colours, surfaces constructed out of layers or simple and clear gestures.

József Csató (1980, Mezőkövesd), Hungary finished his studies at the painting department of the Hungarian Art Academy in the class of Dóra Maurer in 2006. He won three times the honoured Gyula Derkovits Scholarship in 2013, in 2014 and in 2015. He got the prominent Esterhazy Prize in 2013. He participated in many group exhibitions in abroad also. His works can be found in representative Hungarian and International private and institutional collections. 

2017. 02. 23 – 03. 25.

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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00