On Paper

László Fehér, Kinga Hajdú, Orsolya Drozdik, Bazil Duliskovich, Sándor Barta, Róbert Swierkiewicz, Gábor Pintér, Attila Szűcs, Éva Magyarósi, Zsuzsa Moizer, József Bullás, Alexander Tinei, Adrián Kupcsik, Viktória  Hitka, EIKE, Tibor iski Kocsis, IRWIN, Dénes Ghyczy

In the next show of the Erika Deak Gallery we selected paperworks works from 17 artists. Personal stories, diary details, forgotten memory pieces, paperinstallations will cover the gallery walls.

As a child, one of the first materials we meet to express our thougth is the paper. We draw first before we learn how to write, and this very personal relationship with the material stays with us in our adult life as well. The medium of paper, however, means different things to artists. For Zoltán Ádám it’s always a mystical process, while for József Bullás it’s the immediate quality of the material he likes while experimenting colorvariations. Zsuzsa Moizer likes the possibilities of the accidents when her aquarell lives its own life on paper. While telling us personal stories…


05. 28. 2010 - 07. 27. 2010

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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00