Pintér Gábor

Pintér finished the Hungarian Art Academy in 2008. He makes large sizes paintings and as well drawings and installations. He makes unusual genre paintings, where he shows us a very critical view on our consumer society. Pintér's primary inspirational source is usually an image taken from the internet or old family albums. He uses vibrant colors and paints with passionate gestures, his gross brushstrokes reveal a world in which expressive harshness rules the almost graspable surfaces.

Pintér's latest series is a straight continuation of his earlier works. The central theme is still the human figure, however,  no longer  the model of family albums but he himself becomes the question mark. Walter quotes William Tell while smiling at us with the most emblematic apple of our age on his head, his tourist poses somewhere next to an imagined statue, and a toy-like figure runs out of a building most similar to a museum. A family posing next to the fake Christmas tree looks nothing but its own parody, they stare at us as if even they can t take themselves seriously in the unexpected company of an apparently angry tiger. Pintér's almost painfully comic themes could be looked at as accurate accounts of our crazy times. His scenes constructed from absurd elements, in which he is able to depict real characters and events with a few particularly precise and intense lines.


01. 21. 2011 - 02. 20. 2011
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