Attila Szűcs

(1967, Miskolc)
Lives and works in Budapest

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting Department
About the Artist
Attila Szűcs is an eminent character of Hungarian fine arts. Although he usually stays on the ground of figurative art or realism, his compositions often create surrealistic impressions due to his characteristically sensitive handling of light and his recent provocative use of colors. His paintings are often based on photos, pictures downloaded from the Internet, or postcards, some of which are personal remembrances, or pieces of the collective memory. One of his central themes is the concept of time, which is not only the subject of his research, but often the technically integrated organizing principle of his paintings. His pictures always require considerable time to finish, as they manifest, open up, and evolve in time; on the other hand, they handle the dimension of time almost as a physical presence. Another important technical element and central question of his art is light, the metaphysical characteristics of which have fascinated him already since the beginning of his career. In addition, Attila Szűcs’s art may be interpreted within the framework of contemporary historical painting along the axis of philosophical schools based on memory-related discourse.
Selected Solo Exhibitions
Duplicated Dreamer, FL Gallery, Milan
Blindspot and shadow, ÙjMûhely Gallery, Budapest

Abundance of Doubt and Wonder, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest

Transhuman etudes, Bazis Contemporary Art Space, Cluj-Napoca
The intensities of disappearence, A38 Gallery, Budapest

Drawings, Pannonhalmi Bencés Gimnázium Gallery, Pannonhalma

Inside the Black Box, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
Portraits from the beginning of the XXI. century, Federico Luger Gallery, Milan, Italy

Preparing for lightness, Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
Transients, Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre, Hunagry

Waiting for the Unknown, Federico Luger Gallery, Milan, Italy
Specters and experiments, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Vertical Attractions, Kunstklang Galerie, München, Germany

Still Light, Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
BSA, Berlin, Germany

Still Light, Kepes Institute, Eger, Hungary
Planking and Dreaming, (with Magyarósi Éva), balzerARTprojects, Basel, Switzerland

Planking, Erika Deák Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
Planking 2 - drawings, Galéria A38, Budapest, Hungary
Strange Light 2, Hussenot Galéria, Paris (with Alexander Tinei), France

Strange Light, Tajan, Paris (with Alexander Tinei), France
Close to Eclipse, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne, Germany
The hidden and the reveared, Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, New York, USA

Exits, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Proper hand position, Eger Contemporary art Galéria, Eger, Hungary

Galéria Zuid, Antwerpen, Belgium

Something about light, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galéria, Cologne, Germany

Bubble Memory, WAX Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Paintings, Galerie Zuid, Antwerp, Belgium
Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne, Germany
Bubbleworld, acb Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

Dead Souls, acb Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
Living Souls, Irokéz Galéria, Szombathely, Hungary

New Pictures, Tylers Museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Local News from Nowhere, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne, Germany
Drawings from the Little-Big House, Szinnyei Szalon, Budapest, Hungary

Introduction to Losers, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
New Pictures, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

Clean-room, Kiscell Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Greengrocery, Fészek Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

New Pictures, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Painting, Paul Sties Galéria, Kronberg, Germany
And always just Images, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Selected Group Exhibitions
Mythos Wald - Faszination und Furcht, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie,
Aurachmühle Sägewerk Rumplmayr, Aurachmühl 3, Neukirchen

JCDecaux, street art, Budapest
A remény óvóhelye, Contemporary Art Institute (ICA-D), Dunaújváros
TOP10-Magyar-Kortárs, Vaszary Galéria, Balatonfüred

Preparing for Darkness, Vol. 3: I’m Not There, Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin
The Charmof things, Emmanuel Waldorf Galerie, Sawmill Rumplmayr Neukirchen, Austria
Nikola Tesla – Mind from the future, Tesla Loft, Budapest
A man is a man to another man, Alsova Jihoceska Galerie, Ceske Budejovice
In your trace, Buda Castle, Budapest
Floral Centrepiece, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

139 x Nothing, but good, Park-Platform for visual arts, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Zonamaco 2018, FL Gallery, Mexico
Art Cologne, Erika Deak Gallery, Cologne, Hungary
Futurum Perfektum, FKSE, Budapest, Hungary
Artefiera 2018, FL Gallery, Bologna, Italy
New horizons in painting II., The unpredictability of ideas, Frissiras Museum, Athen, Greece

Disruptive Imagination, Vitvarneho Umeni V Ostrave Gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Blütezeit, Austrian Cultural Forum, Budapest, Hungary
Artmarket Budapest 2017, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Passion, Galerie im Park, Bremen, Germany

Standing in front of objects, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
The Nude in the XX&XXI Century, S2, London, U.K.

Szabad/Idő, ICA-D, Dunaújváros, Hungary
Re-Planning, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary
Planking project, OFF-Biennale, Budapest, Hungary
Aether, Galerie im park, Bremen, Germany

Psychogram Gallery Oxholm, Copenhagen, Denmark
Free-Hand Drawing Now And Before, Modem Museum, Debrecen, Hungary
Painting Ii.Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece
Nothing But Good, Platform For Visual Arts, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Turning points, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Twilight, Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic
The World won’t listen, BSA, Horsens, Denmark

Face to Face, Frissiras Museum, Athen, Greece
Budapest Tales, Scheublein Fine Art, Zürich, Switzerland
Nightfall, Modem, Debrecen, Hungary
Poznan Biennal, Poznan, Poland
New Acquisitions, Szt. István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
What is Hungarian?, Budapest Kunsthalle, Hungary
Schatzlager, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Young European Landscape, CHB, Berlin, Germany
Introspective, Enigma Arts Galéria, Veresegyház, Hungary
Portrait of Power, Prague Biennale 5, Prague, Czech Republic

After the Fall, Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, USA
Young European Landscape, CHB, Berlin, Germany
Portrait of Power, Prague Biennale 5, Prague, Czech Republic

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, New York, USA
I'm Not There, CHB, Berlin, Germany
On Paper, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Paper, Budapest Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
True Romance, Galerie im Park Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Eccentric paths II. Central European Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal
Paper, Irokéz Galéria, Szombathely, Hungary

Future, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
The new force of painting, Frissiras Museum, Athen, Greece
Voyage Sentimental, Poznan Biennale 2008, Poznan, Poland
Central Europa revisited, Eisenstadt, Austria

made in, made by, Lada project, Berlin, Germany
Observing Mankind, Galerie Zuid, Antwerp, Belgium
Body Language, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary
Eclectic Affinities among European Artists, Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece

Ninety-nine Years, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary
7 Künstler aus Budapest, Rathausgalerie, München, Germany
Resonance, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Lost and Found, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, Germany
You Bet It, Gallery AP4-art, Lugano, Switzerland
Lager, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne, Germany
Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

Hungarian View, AP4-ART, Genf, Switzerland
Lager, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne, Germany

4 from Hungary, Galéria Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Wasser in Attersee, Atterseehalle, Linz, Austria
9x9, Hungarian artists in Leiden, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Leiden, Germany
Portrait, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Ungarische Kunst heute, Dormagen, Germany

Mimi doesn’t forget, Trafó Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Ungarische Kunst heute, Kulturabteilung Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany
Vytvarné Centrum Chagall, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Farewell to the 20th Century, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Conversation, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Young and Serious, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Farewell to the 20th Century, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Anthology, Ludwig Musem, Budapest, Hungary
There is a Woman, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Oil on canvas, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
The Hungarian Asphalt Award Winners Show, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary 

The Butterfly Effect, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
Least, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

More than Ten, Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

Revisions: Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia
Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane, Australia 
Prizes and Scholarships
Munkácsy-prize, 2005
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Internationales Atelierprogram, 2003–2004, 2003
Institute für den Dunauraum und Mitteleuropa, scolarship, 1998
Hungarian Academy, Rome Scolarship, 1998
Hungarian Aszfalt díj - first place, 1997
Smohay-prize, 1996
Barcsay-prize, 1996
Works in Public Collections
Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Ludwig Museum, Budapest
ICA-D, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros
Szent István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár
Hypo Bank, Budapest
Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest
Frissiras Museum, Athen
Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely
Regional Collection, Miskolc
Museum of Literature Petőfi, Budapest
European Parliament, Brussel, Belgium
Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár
+36 1 201 3740

Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00