Hanna Rédling

(1993, Pécs)
Lives and works in Budapest and Rotterdam.

2018 – 2020   
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Master of Photography, Budapest HU

2016 – 2017   
Willem de Koonig Academie, Photography, Rotterdam NL

2014 – 2017    
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Bachelor of Photography, Budapest HU
About the Artist
Hanna Rédling uses the tool of photography to deal with the dilemmas of broken reality, the sense of existence associated with the uncertainty of the present, and the increasingly digital/virtual world. In addition to classic photography, she has been using 3D imaging techniques recently to give the space an exciting, soft texture. The fragmentation created during scanning and the resulting draining, gel-plastic space complex suggests that the differences between the past and the future disappear. Her work is a sensitive answer to the increasingly frequent questions of where today is the boundary between virtual and real life, and where we place it, how we feel about it ourselves.
Professional Experience
2020 -             
freelance photographer and 3D illustrator

2019 -             
ASPIK TEARS, Budapest/Rotterdam - 3D-photograpy, director dou with Rebeka Mór digital artist

2017 - 2018     
PLANET, Amsterdam - creative photographer
HUTSPOT, Amsterdam - creative and product potographer

2015 - 2016
AÉRON, Budapest – content creator
2022 -
UNVEIL, Amsterdam – NFT Contemporary Photography Platform

2019 - 2020
RANDOM – Photographic Association of Contemporary Artists
Solo Exhibition
Moon Motel, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
Color TV, Queen Beds, Exotik Dreams – PHOTO IS:RAEL, Tel Aviv

UNSEEN Photo Fair – Amsterdam, Erika Deák Gallery 
Selected Group Exhibitions
Color TV, Queen Beds, Exotik Dreams – PHOTO IS:RAEL, Tel Aviv  
MOME Photography MA Diploma 2020-2021-2022 – Robert Capa
Contemporary Photoraphi Center, Budapest 
Experiment – Budapest Photo Festival, Kiscelli MUseum
József Pécsi Scholarship 2021 – Capa Center, Budapest
Work in Context – MOME, Budapest
Design without borders – Kiscelli Múzeum, Budapest
Unbound – Unseen Photo Fair, Amszterdam
THITRYTHREE – MOME33, Romania Design Week, Bukarest
PUBLIEKE WERKEN, Rotterdam – Aspik Tears
Élet/Kép – Budapest Photo Festival, Budapest 

Záridő – Laboratory Group – 1. prize               
Body-image – Nude in hungarian contemporary photography – BPF, Budapest 

MFSZ - Photography Scholarship
THIRTYREE – MOME33, Breda Photo, Breda
FUGA – Aution Exhibithion
BPF Portfolio Review – 1.prize
FRESH MEAT – Hybridart Galéria – BPF, Budapest 

THIRTYTREE – MOME33, Capa Központ, Budapest 
Art Market – MOME, Budapest 
7 Erény, Supermarket Galéria, Budapest
Month of Photography Los Angeles – Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles

Entrée, Szent György tér, Budapest
The Matter of Perspective, MOME – Hybridart Gallery, Budapest
ArtHungry prize – 'Photography Category – 1.prize
Szubjectum – Contemporary Hungarian Photography – BPF, Budapest 

MISC. – LP2., Rotterdam 
I was a stranger,  Fotóutca Festival 

Second Floor, New York Hotel-Full House, Cluj-Napoca, 

André Kertész Hommage, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest
József Pécsi Scholarship 

József Pécsi Scholarship

Allegro Prize 2020, Contemporary Lynx Magazine, Shortlist
Záridő – Laboratory Group, Budapest – 1. prize
Association of Hungarian Photographers, Scholarship, Budapest

Hungary 365 photo application - Budapest – 2.prize
BPF Portfólió Review – 1.prize

ArtHungry prize – photo category – 1.prize

Erasmus Scholarship, Rotterdam

Generációk Együtt - Mai Manó House, Budapest – 3.prize
Selected Publications
British Journal of Photography, Fisheye Magazine, Calvert Journal, View Publications, DAZED Digital, Vogue, Paper Magazine, IGNANT, Gaze Magazine, Foto Femme United, Polyester Zine, Easttopics, Artmagazin, Artportal, Fotóműveszet, 444.hu, Qubit, WMN, Artlocator, Élet és Irodalom, ÚjMűvészet, Kultura.hu, Revizor, Punkt, PS Magazin, Hype&Hyper

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