Martin Lukáč

(1989, Pieštany, Slovakia)
Lives and works in Prague.

Exhibitions at Erika Deak Gallery
As good as I once was
About the Artist
Martin Lukáč, a young painter of Slovakian origin living in Prague, is no stranger to international audiences. His paintings have been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and North America (London, Berlin, New York City, Los Angeles).         
Lukáč's painting is the expression of a liberated, intuitive creative process. His paintings are reminiscent of the abstract, expressive masters, but also have the freedom of graffiti artists and elements of pop culture. For him, painting is a way of being, the process of creation, its essence, the sensual capture of the moment, in his paintings, which are bursting with motifs and colours. His paintings come to life like strange characters from the world of comic books, his amorphous forms, painted in vibrant, vivid colours, springing out of backgrounds full of free-flowing lines, like automatic punctuation marks.
Selected Solo Exhibitions
When The Love Factors High, Dot Contemporary, Bratislava, Slovakia

Martin Lukáč, Tyler Wood Gallery, New York, US
“No Escape”, Collectors Agenda, Vienna, Austria

Nevermind, The Cabin, Los Angeles, US
Mann in Flammen, Footshop Warehouse, Prague, Czech Republic
I’d rather be with you, Duve Berlin, Germany
Aww Yeah!, Nevven Gallery, Göteborg, Sweden

If on a winter’s night a traveller, The Court, Pescara, Italy

MacGyver, Photoport Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Two Hands and a Magnifying Glass, Fait Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
No Love all Hate, 35M2 Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Selected Group Exhibitions
The Glass Bead Game, MAMOTH Gallery, London, UK

GOOGOL, Artemis Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
Shattered Speech, Grove Collective, London, UK

I ain’t Though, Kunstraum Ortloff, Leipzig, Germany
Les Copains D’abord!, Singular Art Gallery, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
AMARETTO, Villa Vertua Masolo, Milan, Italy

Collectors Choice, Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence, Italy
Connected by the Hand, Henie Onstand Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway
As If A Field Could Become Some Dream, No Place Gallery, Columbus, US
Den Moderne Kunstalon, Vestijyllands Kunstpavillon, Videbæk, Denmark
Interpreter‘s Booth, Chimera-Project Gallery Budapest, Hungary

20 cm from the ground, L21, Palma, Spain

Roel van Der Linden & Martin Lukáč, New York Denim 85’, De Vishal, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Paper Cuts,Tripp Gallery, London, UK
We are the ones volume 1., Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon, Coppenhagen, Denmark
Selected Works – Bech Risvig Collection, Huset for Kunst & Design, Holstebro, Denmark
Decisions,Decisions, California Institute of The Arts, California, US
Jeff Koons Recommends: After Shit Falls, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dog.Piss.Protection.Attachments, I: Project Space, Beijing, China
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