Kristina Schuldt

About the Artist
In Kristina Schuldt’s paintings (b. 1982, Moscow) everything is constantly changing, evolving, moving. Distorted, destructed human figures - mostly women - are the protagonists of her compositions, often in the context of plant motifs, building details or even natural landscapes. The artist prefers to use the characteristics of 20th century art history, appropriating them and then giving them an authentic form. Thanks to this method, the created compositions seem familiar, reminding the viewer of real situations, but the surreal system within the work disrupts the act of reception and moves the viewer out of a static position. However, the movement and dynamism in Schuldt’s work derives not only from the flow and disintegration of body parts, the tangling of tubular legs and hands, and the proliferation of vital plant motifs, but also from the simultaneous operation of multiple perspectives. The artist’s recent work is dominated by the juxtaposition of individual details, it is the collision of these details of different size, quality and visuality that makes the composition fragmented. The interconnected details appear in different places within the space, giving the viewer the feeling of being caught in a puzzle that is entirely up to them to solve.
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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00