Imre Bak

(1939, Budapest, Hungary)
Lives and works in Budapest

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting
About the Artist
Imre Bak is one of the most important artists of the Hungarian neo-avantgarde, a member of the legendary Zuglói Kör (Zugló Circle) and the IPARTERV generation. His career started back in the 60’s, when he was influenced mostly by the hard edge and the color field painting styles. With only a few exceptions, he has practically devoted his full oeuvre to geometric abstraction. Although nonfigurative art in Hungary was not exactly blacklisted, it was categorized as “tolerated” by the cultural policy at that time, so there were hardly any opportunities to exhibit these paintings. For example the paintings of Imre Bak were removed among outrageous circumstances from the exhibition titled Stúdió ’66. Until the 70’s he created his compositions under the aegis of American minimalism; after that his painting further evolved by combining the overseas and the European non-figurative traditions. In the 80’s, influenced by postmodernism, he started using a very versatile set of motifs, including elements related to the Art Nouveau, Baroque art, or even folk art and Hungarian painting traditions. From the 90’s he created compositions related to building structures; later he turned to emphasizing the depths of space. In his most recent paintings he depicts meshes of even, vertical and horizontal lines, enriched with references from art history.
Exhibitions at Erika Deak Gallery
Tension and Harmony

Maybe... IV
Selected Solo Exhibitions
Imre Bak: Works 1967-81, Mayor Gallery, London
ALS OB... LANDSCHAFTEN / MASKEN, Galerie Volker DIehl, Berlin
Bak 80, acb Gallery, acb Attachment, acb NA, Budapest

Imre Bak, Galerie EIGEN+ART, Leipzig

ÖN - ARC - KÉP, acb Gallery, Budapest

Actual timeless. Layers of an oeuvre, Gallery of Paks, Paks, Hungary
Shifts, acb Attachment, Budapest
Imre Bak, Carl Kostyál Gallery, London
Erika Deak Munich Temporary Gallery, Munich

Tension and Harmony, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
Diagonal Histories (with Peter Halley), Art+Text, Budapest
Fészek Gallery, Budapest

Nonfigurations (with Zsófi Barabás), Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest 

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, Ráday Gallery, Budapest   
Imre Bak, Gallery Umenia V Novych Zámkoch, NovyZámky, Slovakia

New Pictures, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest

Between 2004–2007, Galerie im Georgshof, Hamburg
Geometrische Kunst in Malerei und Bildhauerei (with Sándor Kecskeméti)
Holbeinhaus Kunstverein, Augsburg
And the story must go on... Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Paintings, Fészek Gallery, Budapest
New Pictures, Corvin János Museum, Gyula

Maybe… IV, Erika Deak Gallery Budapest
Miniatures, Szinyei Salon, Budapest

Up site down, Vintage Gallery, Budapest

Farbfeldmalerei, Art Gallery, Zug
Fészek Gallery, Budapest 

Blitz Gallery, Budapest

Imre Bak, Thomas Lenk, Goethe Institute, Budapest
Imre Bak, Thomas Lenk, Culture Institute Hungary, Stuttgart
Maybe. . . , Platán Gallery, Polish Institute in Budapest

New Paintings, Fészek Gallery, Budapest
2x15 St. István Museum, Székesfehérvár
Várfok Gallery, Budapest
Towns in 6x9, Rátz Studio Gallery, Budapest

Bilder von Imre Bak, IHK Gallery, Würzburg
Coutts Bank, Wien, Austria

Bartok 32 Gallery, Budapest            
Fészek Gallery, Budapest
Csikász Gallery, Veszprém

Maybe (with Tamás Trombitás) French Institute, Budapest
Gallery Waszkowiak, Berlin
Goethe Institute, Budapest
New Paintings, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

New Paintings, Municipal Picture Gallery, Budapest
New Works, Kunsthalle, Budapest

New Paintings, Fészek Gallery, Budapest
Gaudens Pedit, Linz

101 paintings, Bartok 32 Gallery, Budapest
Gaudens Pedit, Innsbruck
Arte’éria Gallery, Szentendre

Die Konfrontationen der Zeichen, Z-Galerie, Wien

Imre Bak, István Nádler, Gallery Umeni, Karlovy Vary               
Life Art, Kunsthalle, Budapest

Positions I., (with Marc Adrian) Fészek Gallery, Budapest
Imre Bak, István Nádler, Podunajské Museum, Komárno

Gemalde, Gallery Ermitage, Berlin

Paintings, Kunsthalle, Budapest
Gemalde, Gallery Ermitage, Berlin

XLII. La Biennale di Venezia, Hungarian Pavilion (with Ákos Birkás, Károly Kelemen, István Nádler)

Gallery Mana, Wien

Gallery Steinek, Wien

Warszawa, Wegiersky Institut Kultury; Gdañsk; Mielec; Ostroleka 

Kunsthalle, Budapest

Wroclaw, Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej

Gallery Akkumulatory 2, Poznan  

Bak–Jovánovics, Essen, Museum Folkwang
Wildeshausen, Galerie Wildeshausen
Paintings, Saarbrücken, Galerie St. Johann Wildeshausen Gallery 

Imre Bak paintings, Gallery Müller, Stuttgart
Selected Group Exhibitions
Iparterv 50+, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Szene Ungarn, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch

From the clearest springs. Tradtition and abstraction in the art of Dezső Korniss (1908 – 1984), Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Scale, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1971 – Parallel Nonsynchronism, Budapest History Museum, Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery, Budapest
Bookmarks – Revisiting Hungarian Art of the 1960s and 1970s, The Vinyl Factory Soho, London
The Hungarian Avant-garde – Third Generation, Tajan Artstudio, Paris
Media Networks, Tate Modern, London
Within Frames – The Art of the Sixties in Hungary (1958-1968), Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
“We believe in life before death” – Selection from the contemporary and neo-avant-garde works of the IROKÉZ collection, House of Arts, Dubniczay Palace, Veszprém

Viewfinders – Hungarian Photography from the past half century 1967-2017, Robert Capa Photography Center, Budapest
Summer Show, acb Gallery, Budapest
The Way They See. An Overview of Hungarian Photography, National Museum, Warsaw
Two-way movement Focus: Hungary, viennacontemporary, Wien
With the Eyes of Others, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York
Abstract Hungary, Künstlerhaus, Graz

Light Colour Form – Polychrome Harmonies, Modern Picture Gallery, Veszprém
Image Tactics – The Makó Graphic Artists’ Colony, Ludwig Museum – Mueum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

Budapest, Patron City of the Arts, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest
Bookmarks – Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde and Post-Conceptual Art from the late 1960”s to the present day, Art Cologne, Cologne
A Second Autumn, Art Stations gallery, Poznań
Ludwig Goes Pop + The East Side Story, Ludwig Museum – Mueum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Kunst von 1800 bis heute aus der Sammlung der Neuen Galerie Graz, Graz
Present, special exhibition at the Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany; OFF Biennale, Budapest

Ludwig 25,  The Contemporary Collection, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest            
The Geometry of Sublime, MODEM, Debrecen
Free-hand - Drawing in Hungarian Fine Arts Now and Before , MODEM, Debrecen

Budapest Immersion, New Budapest Gallery, B
Beyond the Corrupted Eye, Akumulatory 2 Gallery, MOCAK, Krakow
Conceptualism today, Paksi Képtár
Collection Grauwinkel, Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Beyond Corrupted Eye, Gallery Zacheta, National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
OSAS Plus, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Péter Nádas, in der Dunkelkammer des Schreibens, Kunsthaus, Zug
20 Jahre, Ungarn reloaded, Galerie Gaudens Pedit, Lienz
Od Tiziana po Warhola Muzeum, Olomouc
Works rearranged, Modern Hungarian Gallery, Pécs

Meditation Articles, Bodnár Collection, Reök Palota, Szeged 

Groupe Iparterv-le progrès de L'illusion, Institut hongrois de Paris, France
Symmetrische Kunst aus Ungarn, ZKM, Karlsruhe
Stredoevropské Forum Olomouc III, Muzeum umení, Olomouc

Akzent Ungarn, Ungarische Kunst der 1960 bis 1990, Landesmuseum, Graz
Tolerance in Art, Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava
Messias, MODEM, Debrecen

Exibition MAXImin, Fundacion Juan March, Madrid

And the story goes on, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Arena der Abstraktion, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
New pictures, Corvin János Museum, Gyula

Hungarian Geometry, Galerii mesta Plznén, Plzen

Vass László Collection, Veszprém
MEO, Contemporary art Institute, Budapest

Fellowship of Noe Jiddis Museum, Budapest
Situation Ungarn, Max Liebermann Haus, Berlin
Green, Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest
Merics Collection, Rippl Rónai Museum, Kaposvár

Konstruktíve Malerei und skulptur, Acp Gallery, Zürich
Die Brücke über die Zeit, Stadt Muzeum, Oldenburg
New Mechanism, MEO, Contemporary art Institute Budapest

Positions, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Dialogues, Kunsthalle, Budapest

Ungarn 2000, Galeria Der Künstler, Munich
Positions, Liechtenstein und 20er Haus, Wien
Budapest-Berlin ’99, Akademie Der Kunst, Berlin

Three colors, French Institute, Budapest, Hungary
The Hungary Neo avantgarde, The first generation 1965-1972, Museum of Szombathely
Obecnosc Wegierska 1998, Gallery Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Warsawa
Bilder für der Himmel, Kunstdracen, Luxemburg-Limpertsberg, Halle Victor Hugo, Luxemburg
The Hungarian avantgarde, Neue Gallery der Stadt, Linz
Voorbij de Kunst Antwerpen, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Belgium
Art International New York, Jacob Javits Convention Center

Artist porter, Fészek Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Jenseits von Kunst, Neue Gallery Graz am Landesmuseum, Joannem
Oil on canvas, Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary
GB Collection, Kassak Museum, Budapest
Merics Collection, St István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár

Avantgarde der 60er und 70er Jahre in Ungarn, Friedrichshafen Kunstverein, Berlin
Figure From Fantasy, The contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
My Museum, Vass Collection, Ernst Museum, Budapest
3x3 from Hungary, Bard Collage, New York
Mythos Memoria Historia, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Hommage a Kassák, Kassák Museum, Budapest
A Legacy Envisioned, A Century of Modern Art to Celebrate Hungary’s 1100 years
The World Bank, Washington, 1995               
Tokyo M to M, Picture from Sky, Sydney
For Moholy-Nagy László, Budapest Gallery

Formatted Budapest, Kassák Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Bild auf lösung, Medien Zentrum, Salzburg
More than ten, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Piranéző, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
’80, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Hungarica Museo di Roma
Identité d’ aujourd’hui, Centre de Conference, Bruxelles
Hungary before and after, IMF Visitor Center, Washington
Bilder für den Himmel, Kunstdrachen, Documenta, Kassel
200 oeuvres Galerie Art 4, Paris

Hungarica, M. d'Arte Moderna, Bolzano

Sixties, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Kunst, Europa, Ungarn, Kunsthalle, Brema 
Hungarian Modern Art, Arts Center, Arts Museum, Seoul

Kunstzene Budapest, Salzburger Künstlerhaus
Triumf, unlievable. Contemporary Danish and Hungarian Art,
Charlottenburg (DK), Kunsthalle, Budapest
Kunst der 80er Jahre, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz
Ateliers in Budapest, Budapest Gallery

Art Kites, Contemporary Art Museum, Nagoya, Japan
Contemporary Hungarian 1988, National Gallery Prague

Spring Show, Kunsthalle, Budapest
Budapest '88, Galerie Knoll, Wien
Contemporary Hungarian painting, Museo de Mallorca
Art Kites, Art M. Miyagi, Sendai, Japan

New Sebsibility, Galerie der Stadt Villa Merkel, Esslingen, Kunsthalle, Dortmund
Contemporary Hungarian Art, Galerie der Künstler, München/Kunsthalle, Budapest
New Sensibility IV., City Gallery, Pécs
Old and New Avantgarde 1967-1975, The Hungarian Art of the 20th Century,
Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár
Hongarije in Nederland, Museum Fodor, Amsterdam

Eklektika '85, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Five Hungarian Contemporary Painter, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mexico
Künstler bekennen Farbe, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen

Pillanatkép, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Kunsthalle, Budapest

Freshly painted, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Landscape, City Gallery, Pécs
Pesti Műhely 1974-1983, Józsefvárosi Galéria, Budapest

White-black, Kunsthalle, Budapest
Hungarain Art 1905-1980, Konstmuseum, Göteborg, Konsthall, Malmö

Hungarian Art 1905-1980, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
National Graphical Biennial, Moderna G., Ljubjana

IPARTERV 1968-1980, Iparterv, Budapest
Kunst in sozialistischen staaten: USSR, DDR, Stadtmuseum, Oldenburg
Ungarske Konstruktivister, Kunstmuseum, Aalborg
Mail Art Exhibition, Espai del Centre de Documentació d’Art Actual, Barcelona
Künstler aus Ungarn, Kunsthalle, Wilhelmshaven

Ungarische konstruktivistische Kunst 1920-1977, Kunstverein, München
Ungarische konstruktive Kunst, Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
Junge ungarische Maler und Grafiker der Gegenwart, Esplanade 39, Hamburg

Our Symposion movement is ten years old, Józsefvárosi Galéria, Budapest
Painting '77,Kunsthalle, Budapest
5. Internationale Grafik Biennálé, Kunstverein zu Fechen, Fechen

Symposions '76, JózsefvárosiGaléria, Budapest
Hongaarse konstruktivistische kunst 1920–1977, Amsterdam, Arnhen

Exposition, Hatvany Lajos Museum
Ungarische Avantgarde, Galerie von Bartha, Basel
Zehn Jahre Internationale Malerwochen in der Steiermark, Künstlerhaus, Graz

Neue Ungarische Konstruktivisten, Kunstmuseum, Bonn
Ungarische Avantgarde, Galerie R Johanna Ricard, Nürnberg
Graphica Creativa, Alvar Aalto-museo, Jyväskylä

Ungarische Kunst ’74, Kunstverein, Oldenburg
The collection of the Modern Hungarian Gallery, Palais du Rhin, Strasburg

Ungarische Konstruktivisten, Forum Kunst, Rottweil
Aktuelle Kunst in Osteuropa, Galerie Katakombe, Basel

REZEDA 9, Budapest
Sechs Ungarische Künstler, Die Sezession, Galerie 15, Graz

’71, Galerie im Griechenbeisel, Wien
Chapel, Balatonboglár

Moving ’70, Janus Pannonius Museum, Hungarian Modern Gallery, Pécs
Sechs Ungarische Künstler, Kunstverein, Oldenburg
X. Premi international dibuix Joan Miró, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona

IPARTERV II., Iparterv, Budapest
Mednarodna graficna razstava / International Exhibition of Graphic Art,
Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana

IPARTERV, Iparterv, Budapest
Kunstmarkt ’68, Kunsthalle, Köln
Kunstverein Galerie Müller, Stuttgart

Stúdió 66, Ernst Museum, Budapest
Herder Prize
Széchenyi Academy of Arts Prize
Munkácsy Prize
Kossuth Prize
Works In Public Collections
Aachen (D), Museum Ludwig
Berlin (D), Neue Nationalgalerie
Bratislava (SK), Národni Galerie
Budapest, Kiscelli Múzeum
Budapest, Ludwig Múzeum
Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Galéria
Chelm (PL), Muzeum Okregowe
Debrecen (H), Déri Múzeum
Debrecen (H), MODEM Antal – Lusztig Collection
Detmold (D), Art Kite Museum
Dunajská Streda (SK), Galerie sucasnych madarskych umelcov
Essen (D), Museum Folkwang
Graz (A), Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum
Győr (H), Városi Művészeti Múzeum
Leverkusen (D), Museum Morsbroich
Linz (A), Lentos Kunstmuseum
Lyon (F), Musée St. Pierre Art Contemporain
Makó (H), József Attila Múzeum
Miskolc (H), Herman Ottó Múzeum
Montbéliard (F), Musée de Chateau
Oldenburg (D), Landesmuseum
Paks (H), Paksi Képtár
Paris (F), Fonds National d’Art Contemporain
Perm (RU), Staatlichen Kunstgalerie Perm – Stiftung Perm
Pécs (H), Janus Pannonius Múzeum
Sárospatak (H), Sárospataki Képtár
Stuttgart (D), Sammlung DaimlerChrysler
Szczecin (PL), Muzeum Narodowe
Szeged (H), Móra Ferenc Múzeum
Székesfehérvár (H), Szent István Király Múzeum
Szombathely (H), Szombathelyi Képtár
Veszprém (H), Modern Képtár, Vass László Gyűjtemény
Wien (A), MUMOK
Wien (A), Sammlung Albertina
Würzburg (D), Galerie IHK
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