Strangers in the Shooting Gallery
Gábor Pintér - Gergő Kovách

02. 22. 2013 - 03. 23. 2013

The Erika Deak Gallery in delighted to announce its next exhibition by two renowned Hungarian artists, Gábor Pintér and Gergő Kovách.

The painter Pintér and the sculptor Kovách will create a surreal mood in the gallery. Their  peculiar world is tender and disturbing at the same time, where Pintér’s everyday figures turn into heroes, sexy beach models and circus acrobats, and Kovach’s funny animals and mythological creatures  almost to come alive. They both use a playfully ironic language and by doing so, they show a crooked mirror to our contemporary society.

Pintér finished the Hungarian Fine Art University in 2008. Beside his traditional oil and canvas paintings, he makes paper works and installations. His paintings show us ordinary situations, but by mixing several common events on a single canvas, he reveals their funniest and saddest realities. The starting point is always a found image, let that be a private or a public photo. Vivid colors and passionate gestures mark his canvases, his intense, almost angry brushstrokes show us a world in which the expressive surface is just as much part of his message as the image itself.

Gergő Kovách finished the Hungarian Fine Art University in 1998.
Kovách’s work can be characterized by jauntiness and playfulness. His figures are humanlike creatures, part fairytale part mythological figures. He sometimes draws from other cultures, his sculptures often obtain several bodies and faces, and by doing that, his creatures draw attention to man’s changing temper and state of mind. His recent works bear these attributes too, duality marks his figures, and by changing viewing angles, he opens the door to different viewpoints and interpretations.