Hard Edge - Soft Edge
József Bullás

The Erika Deak Gallery is delighted to present the most recent works of József Bullás, the painter of blurred shadows and repetitive patterns.
Consciously controlled and precisely executed technique gives the uniqueness and unrepeatable character to his new paintings. He is able to depict the relations of light and shadow in such way, that One feels as if our senses were completely shaded.
The primary subject of Bullás’s complex paintings is in fact its creation. He always works within particular constraints while planning and executing a work, however, nowadays chance also became part of his working process. He paints several layers on his canvases while completing the desired composition, in which motion and balance emerge within a beautifully abstract texture. Bullás makes us question perception and reality, as well the language and traditions of abstract painting.

03. 10. 2016 - 04. 02. 2016

Opening speech: Gábor Rieder, Art Historian

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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00