József Bullás
H Op Geo

Bullás became known in the 1980s as member of Hungarian „newpainting” movement.

The essence of Bullás’s painting is based on optical effects. Simple patterns compose geometric grids, where the painter literally washes the surfaces. As of this gesture, the two-dimensional images „move” out of the canvas into space and begin to undulate and dance in front of our eyes.

This summer Bullás spent several months in Paris with a Vasarely Foundation. After studying the work of Simon Hantai, accidents became more and more important in his works. Randomly placed black or white spots appear on the orderly shapes. Wherever these „accidents” set, the surface seems to densify, and seemingly tighten it’s otherwise extending space. This new series is dominated by vivid, complemented colors, his yellows shine like tiger-eyes behind mystical bars, and his reds wave into greens as if boats roll on infinite waters.

12. 02. 2011 - 01. 07. 2012

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