Attila Szűcs

Attila Szűcs has been making traditional oil on canvas paintings since the 1990’s, and in the past few years he made several videos as well.  The starting point of all his paintings is a found image, a newpaper cut-out, a filmstill, a postcard, or recently a photo he makes.  Then, he takes out the chosen figure / object from its original envirionment and puts it in a a new world, in which his creatures exists not in a concrete space and time but in a word that is defined only by their particular existence.

Szűcs`s latest paintings lead us the word of sun-eclipses.  We see couples holding beach mattress`, people wearing swimsuit while staring at the dark sky, slides leading into an undefined emptyness.  Vivid greens, phosphorescent pinks and greys turning  black are the dominating colors.  We enter a word of dreams where everything floars in  mystery, where bathing is the darkness is just as common as in the sunshine.  Szűcs likes to play with his viewers but shares his secrets as well, he shows us that his exits  are not only door signs but rather points of departures between different words, between his inner and outer - his exits are his painted canvases.

Szűcs had exhibited extensively through Hungary and Europe, most recently in the Hudson Valley center for Contgempory Art and in the Priska Juschka Gallery, New York, in CHB Berlin or in the Budapest Kunsthalle.  His works can be found in the most important  hungarian private and public collections, and in many international art collections.



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