Gáldi Vinkó Andrea - 
Magyarósi Éva

The definition of Etude is primarily used in music, where it is a form of presentating virtuous abilities. In the arts, it mostly refers to a study, an exercise, what evokes the emotinal, sensual content of a short act.

The Erika Deák Gallery is delighted to present its next exhibition, a joint presentation by photographer Andrea Gáldi Vinkó and artist/animation film director Éva Magyarósi.

Both Gáldi and Magyarósi make many scetches and visual notes. Magyarósi uses notebooks, Gáldi uses her phone. They’ve been friends for a long time, became mothers at the same time and observe the world with the same sensitivity. Although usually people dominate Gáldi’s photos, this time they are missing, and seemingly Magyarósi’s drawn figures inhabit her abandoned territories. Their latest works grew out of studies and sketches, their long dialogue is now materialized in a magical installation. They are both interested in the connections of public and private, and intended to show the possible patches where personal can amalgamate with the experiences of the collective.

Andrea Gáldi Vinkó now realizes a project she’s been working for a long time. A certain playful aesthetic has always been present in her art, and it now concludes in a peculiar fusion of still and moving images. Within an irregular frame, she gestures to widen the boundaries of photography as she incorporates videos recorded by her phone into her photographs. These videos record some natural or physical phenomenas; the waves of the water, the play of the wind, the lines of shadows, the fall of the snow. Her visual diaries now becames the bases, as she pairs them with photos to highlight the happy, the absurd, the forgiven moments and repetitions of her everyday life.

Éva Magyarósi, who received the Korszakalkotók 2018 Prize from Unicredit Bank, presents an immediately recognizable, essential pictorial universe. Her new drawings and collages, just as Gáldi’s photoworks, elaborate on personal stories. Her lyrical installations are as well visual diaries, in which she amalgamates fiction and personal narration, builts, covers or continues one story on another. After a closer look, her art reveals a poetic and precise, evidently authentic world, which elaborated topics are capable of throwing one back on one's own life.

On View: 2018. 04. 06 – 05. 05.

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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00