Déri Miklós

Miklós Déri is most known in Hungary as the editor and photographer of the cultic magazine, Magyar Narancs in the 1990 s. His present exhibition in the Erika Deak Gallery is a series of black and white portraits, in which all of his subjects were important figures of the 1990 s underground intellectuals. Dark, monochrome tones and quasi documentaries settings mark the series. His subjects let Déri into their world, instants of loneliness, trances, happiness appear, where some portraits remain hars and even grim, while others show the content of a beautiful recollection.

Miklós Déri’s art implicitly visualises the unspoken, the overlooked. The exhibition trademark is to address social issues, the history of heroes represent themselves within the framework of a highly stylised and cunning mode of imagery. With the aid of his razor-sharp aesthetic device, the artist purposely conceals his themes so that the viewer unconsciously and initially accepts the concealment found in his photo series. Yet in the end, his unconventional style never fails to deliver dramatic visual and emotional impact. On the photographs the poker faces of mark are penetration to the past.

Miklós Déri (1964, Sárvár) graduated in the photo department of Hungarian Applied Arts College. Mixing photo journalism with studio photography, Déri emerged on the international art scene in 1993. He had exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, from Moscow to St. Louise. He is a member of the Alliance of Hungarian Photographers.

01. 16. 2015 - 02. 14. 2015

Curator: Kata Oltai

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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00