András Böröcz

The Erika Deak Gallery is proud to present recent works by New York based artist, András Böröcz.  The gallery space is going to be seized by kinetic sculptures, strange „bookcreatures” and giant ostrich eggs, where the common ground is the line of motifs constantly present in the artist’ ouvre.  These are the bird cage, the egg, the horseshoe and the hammer.  The playful combination of these elements result in an egg inprisoned in a cage, a hammer trying to break from its wooden prison, an egg nailed to the wall as some strange sacrifice or a book left open forever in its carved absurdity.

Beside his sculptural works, Böröcz has been participating in numerous conceptual performances in the past.  In his works he fuses a deeply theoretical thinking with  commanding formal and technical resolutions, by which his works becomes solely unique.  „Let art be beggary and poor!  Free, that is unblackmailable!  High tech no, arte povera yes!” sais that artist as his ars poetica.  Corks and pencils, breads and spatulas, eggs and matches comprised then and now the basic elements of Böröcz’ work.  But before all materials it is the wood for Böröcz, which he can labour most virtuosely- working with it and carving it with the deepest attention is all but a point of honour for him.

András Böröcz was born in 1956, in Budapest but lives in New York since 1986. He had numerous exhibitions in Europe, US and  Johannesburg.  His works can be found in the most important private and public collections.

06. 29. 2012 - 07. 29. 2012
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Szerda-Péntek 12:00 - 18:00